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Our Recycled Glass blasting media is the cleanest and most consistent on the market.
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At BlastBoss, our Recycled Glass blasting media is the cleanest and most consistent on the market. We have been providing private label bagging services from our facilities for over 5 years. Many brand names on the market have been bagged by us, so we are very familiar with our competition, and what is expected from our customers. We work directly with “Clean Glass” manufacturers, providing consulting, distribution and logistics services. Our “Clean Glass”, is the best performing recycled glass on the market. Requiring the cleanest and most consistent product available, our recycled glass is the only glass being approved as “Clean Glass”. Approved by both state and federal government agencies, and used in military branches – “Clean Glass” is an excellent general purpose abrasive that works in excellent in dry and wet blast equipment.

Our management team has been involved in the blasting business for over 15 years. Our first blasting company was built around baking soda and corn bob blasting. We starting using recycled glass 12 years ago, to offer green abrasive alternatives to our customers. While cutting our teeth with our service business, we developed our own blasting systems, drying/cooling systems and any other piece that wasn’t readily available. We were using recycled glass when it wasn’t cool, and the information we learned in the field has helped us forge relationships with leading glass recyclers and processors. As new glass processing technologies evolve, we will continue to work hand in hand with engineers to develop the best “Clean Glass” available.

Projects using FastBlast Glass Abrasive

Below are some projects where FastBlast has been utilized to remove and restore in different type of settings. 


Texas Motor Speedway Blasting ProjectTexas Motor Speedway
This professional crew was tasked with removing 1500 SQ/FT of painted signs at Texas Motor Speedway. The surface was asphalt, with unknown coats of paint. The media requested was Soda (sodium bicarbonate), but the blasting company knew recycled glass was a better alternative - warning of the positive PH level of the soda and had concerns about possible damage to the infield grass. There were also concerns about the soda interacting with the asphalt, soda does tend to break down hydrocarbons. The speedway reacted concerned because of the word “glass” ... however they did agree to the process, after the team advised them of the benefits and let them see the product themselves.

Prior to their work beginning, terrazzo grinders and shot blasters had been tested. The grinders destroyed the surface quickly, not being asked to continue on. The shot blasters (blast tracker) were given a similar sized project (1500 SQ/Ft) and were asked to continue working. Their effort resulted in 5 days of work and a very unsatisfactory result. The shot blasting is very slow for this type of project, and did considerable damage to the asphalt substrate.

The blaster used 80 bags of material, 40/70 Fine by BlastBoss. The project took 22 hours to complete and the customer was VERY happy with the result. He will be asked to return, and will be doing all of the blasting there in the future.


Cedar home using glass blasting mediaCedar Home Blasted WIth Glass Before blasting with glass mediaBlasting with FastBlastSwimming pool being blasted with FastBlastFastBlast being used on swimming pool - BlastBossFastBlast being used to clean brick

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