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Glass Recyclers & Processors

The quality and quantity of your glass supply is impacted tremendously through the alliances your supplier has developed. The two most important challenges to any supplier are feed stock and quality of glass plant technology. Our partners have overwhelming supplies of glass and the most advanced plants currently producing glass. This is important, as the glass market has always struggled with the amount of glass available and the quality of the product being delivered.

Blasting Experience

We have over 15 years of practical hands on in field blasting experience. We have performed work in many industries with recycled glass, and often provide assistance to our customers. A few of the industries we have worked in are; airport runway blasting (military and civilian), water treatment plants, automotive restoration, building restoration, fire restoration and oil and gas. This is certainly not an all inclusive list, it is a small sample of the types of projects we have been involved in. We are more than salesman behind a counter, we are blasting professionals first, sales people second.

Crushed glass offers significant cost savings over using plastic beads, soda blast, and glass beads. Because it is more aggressive, it is able to remove corrosion and tougher coatings that other medias cannot. With our recycled glass, you’ll use less media to clean more surface area. Recycled Glass works great for removing thick, tough coatings and in numerous surface preparation applications.

Blast Boss Recycled Bottle Glass Media is versatile and can be used as a dry blasting media or combined with water for use in slurry blasting machines.

At Blast Boss, we produce abrasives that are the highest quality available, environmentally friendly and perfect for the removal of surface coatings such as rust, paint and scale from a variety of substrates, especially stainless steel, aluminum, concrete, bricks and wood.


Sizes of FastBlast Recycled Glass Abrasive

Clean Glass Media Coarse

Coarse Glass Media

FastBlast Medium Glass Media

Medium Glass Media

FastBlast Fine Glass Media

Fine Glass Media

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