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Our Recycled Glass Is...

  • Clean
  • Faster
  • & Better!

Than Any Other Blasting Media Glass!

Our warehouse is stocked and ready to move truckloads of the cleanest, recycled blasting glass to your business. Manufactured from 100% Recycled Container Glass, our blasting media helps the environment by reducing landfill and is non reactive and inert for safe use around bodies of water. FASTBLAST Glass Media contains less than 1% free silica and has no heavy metals. Our crushed glass is the cleanest glass available on the market today and costs less than other recycled glass media.

10/20 Coarse

Used for heavy industrial coatings, rust, mil scale & concrete.

Heavy industrial applications:

  • Tanks
  • Bridges
  • Ships
  • Heavy Precast Concrete Preparation
  • DOT Bridge Maintenance

3+ Mil Profile on steel surfaces, 10/20 mesh.

20/40 Coarse

Used for industrial coatings, rust, mil scale, concrete.

  • Industrial Steel
  • Frames
  • Dump Tank Bodies
  • Prefab Concrete Medium Blast
  • Industrial Size For Wet/Dustless/Slurry Blasting Systems

2-3.0 Mil Profile on steel surfaces, 20/40 Mesh

30/70 Medium/Fine

Light industrial coatings, rust, mil scale
& concrete.

  • Steel Requiring Smaller Profile
  • Med Mil Scale
  • Corroded Steel, Gets In Pitted Places
  • Heavy Automotive
  • Brush Blasting Concrete

Works excellent for wet/dustless/slurry blasting systems

1.5-2.5 Mil profile on steel, 30/70 Mesh

40/70 Fine

Automotive, log homes, fiberglass, light concrete.

  • Automotive Sheet Metal
  • Log Home Restoration
  • Fiberglass Boats
  • Graffiti Removal

1-2.0 Mil profile on steel, 40/70 Mesh

Need Clean Blasting Glass Now?

Our warehouse is full and ready to ship your clean, recycled glass media.

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Why Are Professional Blasters Switching To FastBlast?
For years we have heard blasters complain about the quality of their glass. From inconsistent mesh sizes to fragments of 'other materials' found in the glass - these quality issues slow down jobs. That's why we created FastBlast Glass Media.

FastBlast is cleaner. 

FastBlast is faster.

FastBlast has consistent sizes. 

FastBlast's quality is unmatched. 

Blast It With FastBlast!


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